VMIM: Episode 2 – Save The Best For First



Have you noticed how movie trailers are giving more and more of the movie away?

Hollywood knows that we now live inside of an attention economy where you have to quickly earn the right to be heard or you’ll be completely ignored.

That’s why inside of an attention economy, one of the most important video tactics, especially on social, is save the best for first.

Browsers are just flying through their news feeds looking for anything interesting that might catch their eye.

If you wanna have any chance of stopping a browser like that in their tracks, take the most interesting three seconds from any point in the video and put that footage at the very beginning of the video.

This can be a funny shot, a surprising shot or just the most beautiful or visually interesting shot.

So let’s learn from Hollywood and some of the best video marketers in the industry and save the best for first.

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