VMIM: Episode 3 – Lead Generation Through a Video Mini-Course



Businesses often put guides, webinars and white papers behind a gate in order to gather email addresses.

But there’s a new technique that has some surprising advantages called the video mini-course for lead generation.

Anytime you use in a tactic for lead gen, you need to pay attention to a few key metrics.

The conversion rate of the gated landing page. The amount of content being consumed and the impact of that content on sales.

So let’s compare the typical 30-page guide to a video mini-course.

Guides are often promoted using a headline and static image while video mini-courses are typically promoted using an engaging user video.

Getting landing pages without video tend to have a high bounce rate.

Video mini-courses use video trailers which then increase time on site and boost conversion by up to 80%.

When someone gets your guide, they download that PDF and that’s it.

But with video mini-course, you can track how much they’re watching, when they’re watching and even if they’re sharing the content and chances are your competitors aren’t using video mini-courses yet, so using one can put you one step ahead.


Want to learn more about video mini-courses and lead generation? Go here.

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