Style Artist


Tell compelling stories through illustration, video styles and layout direction.


  • Take tone and story direction from Art Director and Creative Director and turn it into clear and compelling style samples and layouts.
  • Develop color palettes, character designs, and key visual elements in a format that clearly communicates visual direction to animators.
  • Work with Art Director to add visual layout notes to existing animatic for use by an animator.
  • Engage in periodic project reviews and give feedback to team concerning framing, color usage, and general visual quality.
  • Regularly brainstorm with team to determine what initial style direction is appropriate for the story.
  • Improve. You are on a constant mission to become better at visual communication



  • Training or experience creating beautiful, clear and compelling visuals.
  • Strong drawing skills.
  • Must be able to balance schedule in a demanding, multi-project, team environment.
  • Must know Adobe CS. ToonBoom a plus.
  • Animation training and/or experience is a plus.