Creative Director


Lead a team of creatives to craft a video that helps people understand something, whether a product, service, idea, or something totally awesome.

About the Role: The Creative Director has oversight on every aspect of the creative process and is ultimately responsible for the final quality of the video.

Expectations: Every Creative Director at Epipheo is expected to... - Love communication and the craft of storytelling. - Take responsibility for decisions regarding timeline, budget, and the quality of every project they own.
- Continue to learn and innovate in their own technical skills.

Speaking of skills:

  • Every Creative Director should be able to -
  • Understand the fundamental elements of writing.
  • Visualize a story flow.
  • Understand business concepts and technology.
  • Be able to confidently dialogue with clients to draw out the right kind of information: Listen → Analyze → Articulate → Persuade
  • Win over the client.
  • Earn trust.
  • Solve problems.
  • Handle pressure well.
  • Don’t panic.
  • Learn and be curious.
  • Care about things even if you don’t really care about them.
  • Laugh.
  • Be candid (say the difficult thing).
  • Show discernment (know when to say the difficult thing).

Another way to put it… A Creative Director is a movie director, a teacher, a learner, a translator, an interpreter, a vision-caster, a salesman, a comedian, a refiner, a distiller, a discerner, an artist, a storyteller, a communicator, a decision-maker, a strategist, a philosopher, a sociologist, a psychologist, a generalist, and a problem solver all rolled into one.


3 Core Areas of Responsibility:

Creation - You are responsible for making videos that help people understand something. Every project is something you are proud of.

You wisely leverage the right creative talents and assets available to you. You push for the best way(s) to create understanding.

Team - You are responsible for contributing to a team environment that is encouraging, positive, and creates a great experience for those that work above, next to, and below you. - Be efficient in communication. - Be respectful of others’ time. - Be constructive. - Be proactive. - Be decisive.

Clients - You are responsible for the overall impression the client has of the project, the team, and Epipheo. - You are on mission with your Producer and Business Development to serve the client and meet their needs. - You take responsibility for every project, no matter what. Your job is to make videos that are amazing—regardless of clients (or their feedback). You are also responsible for promoting this attitude in your team. - You take initiative to solve problems if a ball gets dropped or a project goes sour.

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