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Internet Of Things

The thing about the Internet of Things

When everything is connected, things get complicated. One thing can simplify it: video.

The predictions came true. It wasn’t long ago that we were hearing about the fast-approaching age of connected devices. Well, it’s hear. And everyone is trying to make sense of it.

The Problems


For as cool as IoT seems, it’s not immediately clear how it can be valuable to a business, especially one that isn’t making consumer services. Sure, the data being produced by IoT devices should be valuable, but identifying the best way to make use of that data can be complicated.


Even if someone can understand the opportunity that IoT presents them, they need to be convinced that it’s worth the effort and investment to tap into. The theory is nice, but it’s not enough to get them to make a significant adjustment to what they’re doing now. Especially if things are going well.


Despite the best efforts of futuristic sci-fi movies, no one expected toasters that connected to the internet. Consumers can see the value of being able to turn up the thermostat without getting out of bed. But businesses? What can they do with the fact that cars, watches, basketballs, and security cameras are all online? Even more importantly, how can they do that better than their competition?


The Solution:

Video Demonstrates

When an audience can’t immediately see how it works, why not show them how it works? A video is a perfect way to quickly and effectively demonstrate a way that IoT has helped a company thrive. Even if a use case isn’t directly relevant to them, it at least unlocks the skepticism that naturally comes with anything new. Plus, it sparks their curiosity: how can my company use this?

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Video Illustrates

Promising value is one thing. Showing it is another. Video can help people see the substance beneath the sizzle of IoT. Because of its visual power, video can show people the myriad opportunities that it could unlock for them. Or, even better, it can show them how they’re currently not taking advantage of all the data that’s being generated. Nothing is more compelling than showing a missed opportunity—especially if it comes with a solution.

Giving your audience an understanding of your brand and dispelling their confusion are great first steps towards building trust.



Video Proves

Once the audience knows that IoT works and what it can do, they need to know how valuable it can be. The emphatic power of video can help people understand that this is not just a marginal improvement. This is a revolution that means not only that they can do things differently, but that they could see immense benefits.

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