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What is it?

Purchase may seem like the destination of your customer journey, but it doesn’t have to be the final destination. Instead, it can be its own beginning as you find ways to expand how you engage with your new customer. This could mean generating additional sales, but it could also mean creating brand advocates.

Why is it important?

A common misconception: conversion is the final step in the customer journey. But that’s missing a huge opportunity. After all, who’s more likely to buy from you than someone who’s already bought from you? Who’s more likely to praise you to others than someone who appreciates the extra value you bring?



Why use video to build expansion?

Video is the most popular medium today. People are more likely to consume it than other forms. With an audience that has already been convinced of your value, you have a great opportunity to reap rewards from their continued engagement.

If you go the extra mile to deliver a great experience, they’ll go the extra mile for you. If you give them a series of videos that helps them get the most out of their purchase, they’ll have one more reason to recommend you to their network.

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