You Don't Need The Thing I'm Trying To Sell You.

The catch is that you can't get the result you want without getting the thing I’m selling. So, yes, you need the thing. But I'm not here to grab your attention with a controversial blog title and then reverse the sentiment. It really is true that you don't need the thing (video) I'm selling. Just like your clients don't need your widget/service/app/thing.

You need the result that thing can get you.

You have a problem that needs a solution. If you're looking for a video to solve that problem, you might be right — but you also might not be looking deep enough. Of course I'm not saying you think that a video alone is going to solve your whole problem, in the same way that a car is not going to magically make you appear at your destination.

I’m saying you need to consider WHY a video MIGHT—or might not—solve your problem.

If a video you watch works on you and your mind is changed, it's easy to think, "Holy cow, that video was great. I need a video. I need a video like THAT." But just because a minivan works for one person's needs, and seeing the way they use it makes you rethink how you feel about minivans, doesn't mean you need a minivan.

So before you impulse-buy your next piece of marketing — explainer video or not — take a moment to think about what you want this thing to do for you. What is your goal? What is your destination?

This process of discovery is not about finding out how nice the car is. It's about finding point B on the map. When you find your destination, you find the best roads to take, check traffic conditions, what weather to expect, and how many people you need to bring. All these variables will help you determine whether you need a minivan, a motorcycle, a rickshaw, or a stretch limo.

The vehicle must fit the destination. And once you discover the route there, you may find yourself using various means of transportation along the way. That's a good thing.

Everyone's point B is different, and so their discovery process must be unique. Your need for a video is NOT just to have a video. It's to change how people think, how they feel, and how they act. If a video can do THAT — and if you know what that THAT is — then, yes, you need a video.

Written by Levi Bethune, Director of Brand Communication

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