Working with Epipheo: What to Expect

If you’ve never bought video before, working with a studio can be daunting. What actually happens after the contract is signed? What the heck will we be doing on our end? We wrote this post to give you some insight into what you can expect and get a glimpse into our process.

Planning (est. 2-3 weeks)

In this first stage, we take the time to get to know you and the core of your message. We’re intentional about taking our time with this step - we want to understand your business, industry, tone, audience, and goals so we can truly talk the talk. Many clients tell us that this was their favorite part of the experience, and that they often walked away with a totally different idea of what their video would look like.

Kickoff: This is our first major interaction with you, in person or on the phone. It’s the beginning of our “discovery phase” where we really pick apart what you are trying to convey. Expect loads of questions from us. The more information and context you can provide up front, the better.

Story Plan: After we’re satisfied we know all the facts, our creative team will convene and create a Story Plan. This document will detail an outline of the story, whiteboard sketches of the visuals, as well as a video explanation of the choices we made.

Outcome: By the end of this process you’ll have clear expectations of the epiphany, narrative and information that will be shared. Your video now has a heart.

Pre-Production (est. 2-3 weeks)

Now that we’ve established the structure, we’ll begin working out how best to convey that idea. You’ll start seeing and approving visuals, sound, and script during this stage. Although this process involves individual contributions from our artists and writers, the team collaborates on nearly every aspect to create to a single vision.

Style Sample: Our artists will create character mockups and example scenes for the future video. The art style will reflect the narrative being told as well as your own brand image.

Audio Recommendation: We’ll choose from our vast library of voice-over artists and recommend which ones we think fit the video. Male, female, young or old, we’ll help you find the right voice.

Script: As the cornerstone of the video, the script typically sees a lot of change during production. Because this stage can oftentimes take a while to get finalized, clear and responsive feedback is extremely helpful to our team.

Animatic: An animatic is a rough “sketch” animation we use to preview the final product (see an example here). It’s an extra step you’ll rarely see from other studios, but we’ve found it’s incredibly helpful to see how the basic elements come together.

Outcome: At the end of pre-production, you’ll have had conversations about all major aspects of your video. The components will be “locked,” and we’ll move onto actually producing the content.

Production (est. 3-4 weeks)

This is the stage where you’ll hear from us the least. We’ll be busy working on everything that’s been discussed thus far. We’ll continue to send updates on production, but for the most part you can sit back and relax.

Outcome: That’s it all folks! We can deliver the video in whatever format you need, but MP4 is the most common. If you like what you’ve gotten and want to take it a step further, we can have  conversations about extracting files and assets, translations and other opportunities.

Because of the customized nature of our work, every video goes through a slightly different process. However, you can count on these broad steps to be a part of your experience once you get started.

Written by Joe Lee, Content Marketing Specialist