Why Run Digital Video Ads?

You’ve undoubtedly seen video ads in many different forms during your time on the Internet. Whether you’ve considered running them yourself is another story. Either it hasn’t been on your radar at all, you don’t know how any of this stuff works or you’re simply unconvinced it’s right for your business. This 2-minute post will give you a quick overview of the video advertising world and reasons to consider it in your marketing spend.

How does it work?

Fortunately, very easily. Your first step is choosing a digital ad buying platform: Google Ads, TubeMogul, and Brightroll are some of the more well-known options. Buying placements is largely commoditized, so the platform you choose comes down to feature and interface preference.

Next, you set up a placement: the ad you want to run. Based on your total budget and impression goals, the platform “bids” to place your video at various locations. Then, you can customize targeting preferences, like where and how it shows up on the web. That might sound complicated, but you can set up and target ad placements in as little as an hour without any previous practice.

After that, the ad practically runs itself (until its budget is gone). Easy!

Why run video ads?

    1. Awareness and CTA's: If exposure is a high priority, video ads are a great option. Sure, you can get mass exposure on TV spends, too, but digital ads have the upper hand in calls-to-action. When a customer wants to know more, they are literally a click away from the next stage in the funnel.
    2. Flexible budget: Unlike TV ads, which are bought in very expensive, locked-in chunks, video placements are flexible. You can set your budget as low or as high as you want. You can pause or restart campaigns. You can even increase how much you are willing to pay for impressions, instantly. Running a digital campaign carries extremely low investment and risk.
    3. Freedom to experiment: Because paying for placements is so modular, you have the ability to run many different types of ads to see what works. Speaking of which...
    4. Targeting: Almost all ad buying platforms have a dizzying array of targeting options available. You can customize broad settings — like where the ad will run geographically — to precise settings — like what pages serve your ad and what time of day it runs.

So, for real, why should I try video ads?

I could go on about overused jargon like "cross-channel promotion," but at the end of the day video ad buying has become so easy and powerful that there's no reason not to try it in your mix. The investment starts low and it opens up an entirely new pathway to your business.

Written by Joe Lee, Content Marketing Specialist.