Video Advertising? Why Digital Beats TV

TV is so dead! Nuh uh, TV is alive and well!

Look, dude, online video is taking over!

No way, man, TV ads are still boss!

Yeah, but you’re not reading this on TV.

… Fair point.

You can take either side in the digital vs. broadcast debate. They’re both still big. Heck, you can even kinda take both sides. Regardless, there are three main reasons why digital needs to be a (more) significant part of your ad spend.

  1. It’s Engaging (And Efficient)

This one’s simple. If you make engaging content for digital video ads, your spend goes further. Thanks to organic sharing, you’ll be relying less on paid distribution. Multi-purpose video turns your “non-working” dollars into “working” dollars. Efficient!

  1. It’s Easy (And, Thus, Efficient)

Engaging, shareable content reduces your distribution spending, but it doesn’t eliminate it. You still have to buy ads. Fortunately, programmatic ad buying makes this a breeze. Digital video distribution is simply easier than broadcast. A smaller team can handle a major portion of your ad spend, making digital more efficient.

  1. It’s Flexible (And, Of Course, Efficient) 

The broadcast lifecycle, from planning to production to buying to analysis, can sometimes take up to 18 months. Who wants to wait 18 months? Who can afford to? No one, that’s who. Video advertising needs to be responsive. With up-to-the-minute feedback and insights, only digital gives you real-time flexibility. You can adapt immediately, cutting waste and making your entire spend more fruitful. Which is, once again, efficient.

Take a sideAny side. But take a good, long look at digital video advertising before you do. If you’re still not convinced, consider that most of your peers are. No need to argue.

Written by Lucas Cole, Director of Sales & Marketing