Value, Explained With Rubber Bands (Video)

Most of us can think of that person in our lives who’s notoriously bad at storytelling. “So on Tuesday… wait, was it Wednesday? It doesn’t matter. I was outside and... OMG yeah! It was totally Tuesday.” GET TO THE FREAKING POINT. And then there is none. No point whatsoever. You’re left thinking, “Why in the world did you tell me this? Thank you for wasting five minutes of my life. Or was it four? Six? It doesn’t matter.”

But it does matter to you as a brand. You have to understand that this is what a lot of marketing feels like to consumers. Bad storytelling. A total waste of time. Just because you care about all the details… doesn’t mean they care.

And why should they? You haven’t given them a reason to. In order for people to give a rip about… anything… you’ve got to help them understand why what you’re saying has anything to do with them.

It’s your job to do whatever it takes to help a consumer understand why your thing matters to them. Help them imagine how it impacts their life and makes it better. Start by talking about value.

Once they get that, chances are they’ll become more inquisitive. Then it’s time to show off features and benefits. So it’s not there’s never an appropriate time to talk about details. It’s just that you don’t start there.

But what if my product or service doesn’t have that much value? What if the features and benefits are the most compelling thing? If that’s truly the case, you might need to rethink your business plan. But most likely you just need help seeing things through a different lens.

So here’s a video about rubber bands — a product that doesn’t have a ton of obvious value. And no one necessarily associates rubber bands with great storytelling. But if you look at them a certain way, you might see more stories than you expected.

Written by Nicole Ayres, Senior Story Lead

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