This Is Content Marketing

What is? This is. This article. Wait, what? Sorry. We’ll be clearer. This article is content marketing. It’s content you’re consuming, but, since it makes you more aware of us, it’s also marketing. Even though we’re not talking about our brand.

What’s your brand? We’re not talking about our brand. We’re talking about content marketing.

Ah! That’s moderately clever. We thought so, too! Tell me how it works.

First and foremost, content marketing is valuable to the audience. That’s me. Yep. And, in theory, I want to know about content marketing. You don’t? If you don’t, we’ll make other content… No, no, I do. I’m still reading your content about content marketing. Okay, good. Because being valuable to you is the key. If the content’s not valuable, the second part won’t ever happen. What’s the second part?

An indirect link to our brand. Eventually, and only after you’ve taken value from our content, you’ll see who’s behind it. And it’ll be you. It’ll be us. You’re pulling rather than pushing. Quite right. So, from here, you probably have…

A goal in mind. Yes. It is still marketing. We do have business objectives. We’re just starting by giving you something useful. Like a quick meta-chat about content marketing with someone interested in content marketing. Now you’re getting it!

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I can see the benefits. Oh? Do tell! Well, I’m a willing audience, not a captive one. Exactly right. You engaged with this content only because you wanted to, not because I bought a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl. Your budget probably doesn’t allow for that. Oh, don’t get me started…

Instead, you created a new pathway between us. Indeed we did! And from that pathway — again, because I chose to engage — your brand gains a certain credibility and personality. Yep! This semi-silly-but-not-wholly-joking-but-definitely-totally-entirely-made-up conversation shows you something about us.

And I get to decide what I think. Mmhmm. Audience’s choice. But you have to talk about yourself eventually, don’t you? Yeah. We do. But not here. No. Not here. Thanks. You’re welcome!

Written by Chris Molnar, Story Lead

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