Style Choices: Making or Breaking Your Point (Video Gallery)

Packaging matters. The bright colors of a retail shelf, the smooth unboxing of a new computer, the gleaming chrome of the luxury car lot — how something looks and feels is a powerful motivator toward convincing a consumer that it will meet their needs.

Why is this important for you? Simple: when it comes to video, art style is packaging. The characters are your gleaming chrome; the colors are your sleek box on the shelf. You'd never put your product in a particular box just because it "seemed cool," and the same holds true for your video.

So what should it look like? Glad you asked.

Simple answer is that it should look exactly how your audience needs it to look.

Simple Stick Figures

[blog_videos_section anchor=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="uJ_uAdTepaA" text_title="What is an Epipheo?" text_desc=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="lwjBqlr26lw" text_title="Hertz Fuel Option" text_desc=""][/blog_videos_section]

Seems silly, right? Who's going to connect with a little stick figure? Turns out, just about everybody. When you pare things back to a super-simple character, you allow the audience to insert themselves into the story — which is exactly what you wanted in the first place. Need your audience to quickly immerse themselves in how your product or service will practically make their lives better? This is the way to go.

Complex Stick Figures

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Let's say you like the abstraction and audience connection that stick figures provide, but those back-of-the-napkin sketches simply don't work with your brand. We've got you covered. More importantly, we understand that sometimes a story needs more nuance. You audience needs to know that you understand not only what they need but also what they feel. A bit of detail and a dash of refinement can achieve that.

Simple Cartoon

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What's the number one reason something goes viral? Because it's funny. People love to laugh, and they love to share things that make them laugh. Give your audience humor — exaggerate the frustration, make them a lovable superhero — and they'll share your message far and wide. A cartoonish style makes that possible.

Complex Cartoon

[blog_videos_section anchor=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="nxNHLz-c1ug" text_title="Cyphort" text_desc=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="m_ztxokBs-c" text_title="Uppidy" text_desc=""][/blog_videos_section]

"Because it looks good." Most of the time, it's not a good enough reason for a particular art style. Most of the time. Sometimes, you really do just need something beautiful. Something eye-catching. Something that creates a world so absorbing that an audience can't help but be drawn in and embrace the beauty and emotion that it conveys. In those moments, a rich cartoon style is exactly what you need.


[blog_videos_section anchor=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="WJ7PHpp014w" text_title="First Aid Arts" text_desc=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="d3mgCFirtag" text_title="Starfire Council" text_desc=""][/blog_videos_section]

What do you get if you take the abstraction of a simple stick figure and place it in the visually lush world of a complex cartoon? You get a video that allows the audience to insert themselves into the story with no distractions, one that allows them to fully embrace the emotional journey of your epiphany — and, yes, looks good.

Motion Graphics

[blog_videos_section anchor=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="QbhjrHPDR3c" text_title="Holonis" text_desc=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="rDmZwsMGqRE" text_title="What Is Opentok?" text_desc=""][/blog_videos_section]

Sometimes your story isn't about a single person. Maybe it's about a group of people. A company. An industry. Maybe it's something even bigger — an idea or a cause — that can't be captured by a single figure. These areas are where we jump into the world of motion graphics: abstract, iconic graphics tied together with slick motion.

Of course, videos like this are instantly eye-catching and visually appealing. But dig below the looks, and you'll find a video that, through its elegance, can capture a deep, abstract, industry-changing idea.

Kinetic Text

[blog_videos_section anchor=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="FIYUoHZUGfc" text_title="Equifax Verifications" text_desc=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="vDU1A6uvJkU" text_title="The Justice Conference" text_desc=""][/blog_videos_section]

Sometimes the words are all you need. If you have something really powerful and truly life-changing, then the best thing we can do is to create a video that enables your audience to fix their attention on the words. If you've got something powerful to say, then let's just say it.

Mixed Media/Hybrid

[blog_videos_section anchor=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="06EmnXR88Vc" text_title="Visiquate Mobile D" text_desc=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="RpQ66Rg4zgA" text_title="Visiquate: Dashboards Are Dead" text_desc=""][/blog_videos_section]

Maybe your audience is jaded. Maybe your industry has seen it all before. Maybe you need something that forces people to engage with the reality of what you're saying. Those are the moments when a mixed media video can break through the noise. Take some bits of animation, some bits of real life, mix it all together with a bit of ice, and serve it up as a nice, cool glass of awesome.

Live Action

[blog_videos_section anchor=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="tk9HK713S5M" text_title="D2L: Brightspace" text_desc=""][video_section_lite_video_item video_id="9FbkxUGhS4c" text_title="Epipheo: Internal Communication" text_desc=""][/blog_videos_section]

It's the smirk on someone's face. The pan across a skyline. The bustle of a busy office. Sometimes a story needs more than pure animation can capture. It needs a human touch, a spark of emotion, the clarity that only real life can bring. Put simply, sometimes in order to bring a story to life, it takes real life to do it.

The big thing is, there isn’t one “best” style — just like there isn’t one “best” package. It all depends on what you’re putting into it and who’s going to be looking at it. Fortunately, you have plenty of choices.

Written by Eric Ankenman, Senior Story Lead Team Lead... Lead.

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