Signing Our Work: What Our Client Work Says About Us

Three little words. We put them at the end of nearly every video we make:

Video By Epipheo.

What does it mean to put our name at the end of a video? Is it just a self-serving promotional tool? Well, sure, it’s a great way to generate leads, and a lot of our business does come from that little credit tag, but that’s not all it means.

Alignment, Endorsement, Promotion.

By agreeing to work with a company or individual, we’re agreeing that the business they do is in alignment with what we believe. Now, it’s not like we have some kind of radical belief system that eliminates 99% of the companies that reach out to us. We’re not hard to work with, but we do draw the line somewhere.

So sometimes we turn down business. Even if there is a lot of money on the table. When? When we don’t believe that a product, service, or idea is true. When it flies in the face of wholesome values. We don’t work with penny auction, ponzi scheme, or porn sites — and, yes, we’ve been asked to.

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By signing the work that we’ve done, we unashamedly endorse that work.

When we put our name on a video, we’re saying, “We made this video. We translated this story. We take responsibility for the content of this message.” That’s a risky thing to do. It flies in the face of conventional thinking. A lot of people want to keep a safe distance until they know that something is successful. With our tag at the end, we have no such buffer of safety between us and our client’s product and mindset. We aren’t taking credit, but we are branding our name on that work — for better or worse. This is why we need to be sure we know what our client’s product and mindset actually is. And we need to believe in it. Because, by putting our name on a video, we endorse it as TRUE.

And we want to celebrate it! When we promote a video — through this blog, on our website portfolio, or on our YouTube channel — we are shining our own spotlight on it and yelling, “Look what we made!” We are proud of the work we do and proud to show off the talents of the people who crafted that work.

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But, really, “Video By Epipheo” is more than us patting our own back. It’s our small expression of Truth, Story, and Love to our clients, our peers, and our families. We believe in the work we do, and our clients believe in it too. We’re not just in this for the money. That may sound idealistic, but it’s true. You have our word. You have our name.


We didn’t always used to sign our work, and, when we did, it wasn’t always consistent. We used to write, “Created By Epipheo,” but that got confusing whenever we would make a video about the next cloud service and it was perceived that the cloud service was created by us. Oops. We don’t create cloud services. Sorry.

Written by Levi Bethune, Director of Brand Communication.

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