Should You Make Video In-House?

Let’s be blunt. If you could make videos in-house, why work with us? Why not do it yourself? 

We’re guessing reading an article like this written by a video production studio carries some amount of skepticism. Totally understandable. We’ll be honest and say that there are definite advantages to making video yourself. However, whether you’re considering doing things in-house or already have the capability, here’s some things you might miss out on.

Scalability: Building out production capabilities is a huge buy-in. Unless you’re planning on continuously making video content into the conceivable future, at some point your assets are just going to sit there. And what if your marketing strategy changes, or you realize video isn’t what you need right now? Whether you need 1 video or 10, working with an outside studio gives you the flexibility to test, tweak, and change direction with your content.

-Expertise: Since Epipheo’s inception we’ve produced over 2000 videos. We’ve learned a ton during that time, and a lot of that knowledge came from inevitable trial and error. In an age where the standard for quality content is higher than ever, outsourcing allows you to pull from years of experience rather than feeling your way out.

Agility: Say you have the capability to make motion graphics video. Great! What happens when you want to try your hand at animation? Or live action? Or any medium other than what you're making right now? Adding new assets can be cumbersome.

We’d be disingenuous if we said it's always better to outsource. But we firmly believe that there are certain projects where flexibility and expertise are worth more than the bottom line.