Read This Before Buying Video

There seems to be this belief that having video, any video, is a good thing, and that having something to fill a YouTube channel surpasses the need for quality, that showing up on more channels is better than fewer. Everybody would love to have good videos, but it’s better to have something than not right?

We disagree. Not only will bad, poorly produced content not help you, but we believe it can damage a customer’s impression of your brand.

Think of video as a sales rep. Imagine hiring a rep without looking at their resume, conducting an interview, or giving any training. The rep could have bad breath, dress poorly, curse like a sailor, and be a liability with any client, high-value or otherwise. While your product or service might be amazing, your customer will be unable to see past the impression of the face they are interacting with.

Even if your video’s explicit message isn’t sales-focused, they still represent your brand as much as a flesh-and-blood employee. Every time someone clicks on your video it goes to work for you, communicating a message and making a statement about your company. Everything in the visuals, tone, and language says a little bit about who you are as a brand. Like your website and social media channels, they are part of your digital face.

If this is the case, why are so many companies lazy and careless about the quality of content they produce?

Don’t buy video for video’s sake. Don’t try to create content just to have it. Be intentional with everything you put in front of your customers, because they’re just looking for an excuse to say no.

Written by Joe Lee, Content Marketing Specialist

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