Lists Are Terrible For Delivering Value (Video)

"A bullet list is only as good as the story it reminds you of."

Daniel Armstrong—our director of design–said this to me one day. It means that humans don't respond to lists of features and benefits, they respond to stories that their heart can understand. We don't care if that sounds cheesy.

Robots understand lists. Robots love lists. But humans understand stories. What if there was a way to enclose the list of things you want someone to understand, into a story they can relate to? That's what good storytellers do. If they didn't, well, our favorite stories may sound a little something like the video above.

So, when you're creating a video—or any piece of communication–be careful not to just tell people all the ins and outs of your thing, product, service, idea, or whatever. Communicate why it's important for them. For them as a human. We're not robots.

Not all of us, anyway. Yet.

Written by Levi Bethune, Director of Brand Communication

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