Is Video Worth It?

When people ask, “Is video worth it for my company?” we always reply confidently, “It depends.”

We do have faith in video, of course. We believe that it’s the best medium to tell stories and that stories are the best way to connect with people. We devote every working day to making videos for people like you. So naturally we think that video is totally worth it — for some companies, sometimes. It depends.

On what? On what you plan to do with it.

Imagine buying a Ferrari without knowing how to drive. You may own the car, and it may look pretty in your driveway, but it will never do what it was made to do. You’ll never get the full enjoyment you paid for.

Same thing if you focus only on buying a video and not on how you’ll use it.

This is not reverse psychology. We genuinely believe that, while video is powerful, it can’t do much for you unless you’re equipped to use it well. So, we’ve created a checklist to see if you’re ready. If you can’t answer them well, video might not be worth it right now.

Am I ready for a video? A checklist

What will my video do for my business?

As obvious as it sounds, we get a lot of potential clients who can’t answer this question in an objective way — a business objective, that is. Something like increased comprehension, more leads, brand awareness. And, of course, sales. Speaking of which... 

How will my video link to my sales funnel?

At what point in the sales process do you want your audience to watch your content? How will it encourage them to go deeper into your funnel? This affects not just what’s in the video but also where it lives and how you’ll share it. Leading us to...

Do I have the time/money to distribute the video? Where will it live?

Buying a video and working with a studio is only half of the story. Distribution takes just as much effort and money and should be a part of your budget, because good content won’t share itself. If you aren’t intentional about where you post the video how you direct people to it, it will languish in the depths of YouTube. And that brings up...

How will I track success?

View count is a one-dimensional measure. 5,000 random views might only get you 1 lead, whereas 100 targeted views might get you 99. Again, you need to have a clear goal, and you need to be able to track how the video helps you achieve it.

The good news!

If you weren’t able to answer these questions, we’re not saying video can’t help your company. In fact, part of our process is helping you fill in these blanks. But we feel it’s of the utmost importance to consider these questions throughout the process. Because that’s how the answer to “Is video worth it?” can be a resounding “Yes!”

Written by Joe Lee, Content Marketing Specialist

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