Internal Communication: How to Make People Care

I’m going to write two words, and you have promise you’ll try not to fall asleep. Ready?

Internal communication. I know: boring, right? That’s because no one actually enjoys reading memos.

The problem is, internal communication needs to happen. Policies need to change. Culture needs to shift. And somebody needs to be responsible for relaying these messages.

The other problem is, a lot of companies don’t allocate much budget for it. External communication is where the money’s at.

External communication has more perceived value than internal communication. Good marketing brings in the bucks. But informed employees fully equipped to do their jobs while thriving in a happy and healthy culture? That’s worth throwing some money behind (and staying awake).

Video > Memos. Storytelling > Information.

A lot of companies have seen the value that video can bring, especially when information comes in the form of a story. Stories help provide context. They make learning more engaging. And, when they’re really good, people share them.

At Epipheo, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with businesses who believe internal communication can look different. Better. And maybe one in particular can help make yours better, too.

One of our clients needed help convincing a certain department that they were valuable. We created a fictional character named Tony to represent that department and embody the values of the company.

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Turned out, he was really stinking popular. Everyone wanted more Tony. So, we made more videos. A series was born!

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We built plots. We developed other characters. Before we knew it, we had created a whole internal communication world around Tony.

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Last year Tony (the customer service advocate) came head-to-head with his evil twin brother (the customer service adversary). This year, Tony trains a new guy — in a musical!

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As Netflix has taught us, people love a good series and can’t get enough of it. Now here’s a question — what if your company’s employees couldn’t get enough of your internal communication?

What if there was a theme, a character, a certain way of communicating information to them that they actually looked forward to? What if they (gasp!) craved it?

And what if this new way of communicating internally had an actual, measurable effect on the company? That would be something, wouldn’t it? Maybe internal communications can be a dream, not just something that makes people fall asleep.