Integrating Video Into Your Sales Funnel

If you buy video, it needs to be integrated into your sales funnel. Yeah, yeah, more meaningless catchphrases. Feel free to roll your eyes. But before you leave, whether you already have video or are thinking about buying it, ask yourself these critical questions.

Where in my funnel will this video live?

Was my video built for this stage of the funnel?

What will someone do after watching this video?

Does this video drive someone deeper into my funnel?

A Word of Warning

The number of people who don’t have clear answers to these questions has surprised us. Why? Because if you don’t think about these things, you’re paying thousands for a digital paperweight. Knowing where your video belongs and what it’s going to do will get you from throwing darts with your feet to using a high-precision sniper rifle.

Practical Example

Let’s say a company wants users to sign up for a free trial. Let’s say they make a video. Let’s say they may or may not have considered the funnel.

Not considering the funnel:

“Well, we’ve bought a 90-second video that talks about our product. We’ll upload this to YouTube, post it on our social media pages, and surely sign-ups will increase. Someone bring me a wheelbarrow for all this money we’re going to make!”

Rolling your eyes again? Yep. Thinking with content is awesome, but this example doesn’t link the action (posting content) to the desired outcome (sign-ups). First of all, how will the video reach people with interest? What stage are they at in the buying process? Was the video made for people who are brand new to the company or already familiar? After someone watches the video, how will they get to the sign-up page? Did the video even mention the free trial?

It’s the right idea, but there are too many missing pieces.

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Considering the funnel

“We made a 15-second pre-roll ad that teases our product and advertises our trial. When users click on the video, they land on a specific sign-up page with information about what we do and a form for the trial. We’ve linked this page to our CRM suite so we know how many leads the pre-roll generates. This trial is meant for users who are in the consideration stage and familiar with our name, so the language of the video and page reflect this. We also targeted the ad by running it in front of videos we know our audience cares about.

See the difference? Which of these two examples sounds like it will lead to more trials?

Put this article into practice

Ask the 4 questions we posed.

This is a great way to gauge whether or not you are ready to make a video.

Pick a spot in your funnel.

Take a look at your customers’ pathways to purchase. Decide what area of your business you want to improve and how a video might help.

Share your objectives with your production team.

Regardless of who makes the video, they need to know what you’re trying to accomplish. Words like “views” aren’t helpful. “Awareness” and “understanding” are.

Consider distribution.

In the second example, there were a lot more moving parts than just “posting the video online.” Integrating a video into your funnel is no easy task. Figure out exactly what’s needed to support your content.

Don’t waste your money

A video is a tool with a specific function, not a decoration for your site. If you want to see results, then take a step back and do a little soul-searching. You can still roll your eyes at us, but you won’t roll your eyes at the results.

Written by Joe lee, Content Marketing Specialist.