Infographic: Why Your Retail Business Needs Video

Being a production studio, we like to keep up to date with the latest research in digital video. As we were combing the internet we came across some really interesting figures regarding video in the retail industry. As we looked deeper into it, we came to a general conclusion: retail video is the bomb diggity. 

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  • Retail video is powerful, plain and simple. There is a direct correlation between having video content and customer engagement.
  • Your in-store and digital experiences are inseparable. Users are looking at both, sometimes simultaneously, and they should be built to support each other.
  • Video is on the rise. As it becomes increasingly prevalent more and more customers will expect content, and notice when it’s not available.

We’ve seen general trends in the growth of video, but its applications for retail business are staggering. This is content we’re equipping ourselves to produce.

Written by Joe Lee, Content Marketing Specialist Infographic by Chase Velarde, Illustrator


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