How Far Can Social Media Get You?

Well, nowhere. You can’t rely on it to take you anywhere. No likes, no views, no shares. You simply can’t assume anyone will discover or see your content.

Unfortunately, the wild success of a small handful of viral videos has created the belief that social media works as a distribution tool. So, for many people, their distribution strategy has become nothing more than “Post it on our Facebook/Twitter!” Then the video will be viewed and shared organically, right? That’s how social works, isn’t it?

Rarely. Sharing content on your social pages won’t hurt you, but typically isn't an effective distribution method. It’s unlikely that your content will go far unless you:

  • Already have hundreds of thousands of followers
  • Created a video specifically for social
  • And are putting marketing dollars behind the post

Social media tends to yield minimal return without these components.

Why? Well, as obvious as it sounds, people aren’t on social media to hear about your company or product. Why would they engage with video about cybersecurity software — let alone share it — when they’re there to post vacation photos and watch kitten videos? Too often, companies with completely “irrelevant” products try to push their agenda on social media, then scratch their heads at the lack of engagement.

Even companies with a modest amount of followers (over 10,000) can’t assume their network is seeing their content. Just because something shows up on a feed or dashboard doesn’t mean that it gets watched. 10,000 followers doesn't mean 10,000 views. The question to ask yourself is a simple but hard one: compared to what else your audience is seeing on social media, why would they choose to watch your content instead?

It’s okay if the answer is no! That only means that social media won’t carry your campaign by itself. It can still have a place in your distribution, but you’ll need more. At least if you want your campaign to get somewhere. We’re guessing you do.

Written by Joe Lee, Content Marketing Specialist