Epipheo Content Marketing Manifesto (How We'll Run Our Blog)

Let's get this out of the way first: content marketing is about sales.

Granted, blog posts aren't outright advertisements — not all of them — but their purpose is to provide top-of-the-audience’s-mind recognition. Providing helpful content is a great way to do that, but sometimes the urge to sell is too strong, and truly helpful blog posts turn into sneaky sales pitches.

Unfortunately, there are no regulations for content marketing. There are no laws for marketing bloggers. It's the Wild West, and if you're not careful, you could get sold to, lied to — or, worse, jaded.

That mess is a mess. That mess doesn't jive with our core values of Truth, Story, and Love. So we're not messing with that mess. We don't want to manipulate anyone. We want to equip each person with the tools they need to make wise decisions for their own lives. Good marketing is marketing that does good.

So, in an attempt to help wisdom rise mightily above the noise, we present our Content Marketing Manifesto:

  • We value your attention, so we will be helpful and on-topic. This means we're not going to talk about things we have no business talking about.
  • We value your time, so we will be brief. When we can't be brief, we will be well organized.
  • We value your needs, so we will give you something good at every interaction. This means we won't click-bait, even in our blog titles.
  • We value your engagement, so we will do our best to address questions and comments in a timely manner.
  • We value your ability to be wise, so we want you to call us out. If you feel like we're being half-true or manipulative, make a fuss about it. We are relying on you to keep us sharp.

All of this means that you’ll never see the posts that don’t make the cut. We will always ask these three questions — “Is it helpful? Is it intelligent? Is it entertaining?” — BEFORE we post it to the blog.

When we make mistakes, we'll revise this manifesto. Bottom line: we care about you as a person, and we don't want to make choices that will jeopardize our relationship as humans. Let's help each other, okay? That’s what this whole Internet thing should be about, anyway. Well, that and cat gifs.


Truth, Story, Love.


[blog_consultation_block bgcolor="#1f1f1f" background_img="/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/2-Manifesto.jpg" title="This can be helpful" text="Our consultations aren't just sales calls. We really do want to help, even if it means telling you who you should be talking to, if not us."]