Best of The Web: Hardwood House B&B

Hardwood House Stansted is a bed and breakfast. You get a bed, and you get breakfast. If they wrote down the list of amenities they have to offer on a piece of paper, one might describe their offerings as fairly innocuous. Boring even.

But when you watch the video, that list becomes something much more. You get a sense of the stoic passion of the chef. The delicate warmth of the host. The clean, airy ambiance of the rooms. You just feel like it’s a welcoming, pleasant place to be. You’re still learning about their product, but there’s a deeper, richer subtext.

These are values that you simply can’t communicate with words alone. And yet, they’re the primary reasons why I would want to stay at their venue over somewhere else. These intangible virtues have power over my very tangible dollars.

I have a few nitpicks with the video, but I think it’s a terrific demonstration of the power of story. I hate when people throw that word around, but in this case I can see its practical application. Hardwood House is selling a fairly commoditized product, but their video shows me why they’re different.

I know most readers of this blog are in the B2B and not B&B business, but I still believe story has a place in your marketing. Think about it - what more could you share with your clients? What could you tell them about your personality, professionalism and passion to win them over?

Without a story, you’re just a list and a price to your customer. Be more.

Written by Joe Lee, Content Marketing Specialist.