6 Videos for Your Business Needs

6 Videos Your Business Needs When you think “video,” you probably think “commercial.” That’s what video means, right?

Sure, video is great for commercials, but it can help many more of your business needs. Like, almost all of them. Here are six big ones.

Flagship: Website Engagement

What: A video that gives a basic overview of who you are and what you do, front and center on your website

Average length: 60–90 seconds

Business problem it solves: The average user spends less than 15 seconds on a page. In that time, they decide whether to investigate further or give up and move on. If you don’t catch their attention right away and explain why they should care, they’ll leave. A flagship video is an excellent way to lay everything out without making them read a bunch of text (and get bored). If you’re seeing a high bounce rate on your website and want people to stay, a flagship video will help greatly.

Pre-roll: Awareness, Call-to-Action

What: A short clip that plays in front of videos on YouTube

Average length: 15-30 seconds

Business problem it solves: Running pre-roll ads is cheap, scalable, and can reach hundreds of thousands of eyes in weeks. If basic awareness is an issue for you, pre-roll is a great option when TV spends are out of the question. Beyond that, the real power of pre-roll is guiding people directly to your network. Whether you’re running a promotion or driving traffic to a free trial sign-up page, pre-rolls lead your customers exactly where you want them to go.

Culture Video: PR

What: A video that highlights some aspect of your company’s culture

Average length: 2–5 minutes

Business problem it solves: Now more than ever, customers care about not only what they are buying, but who’s selling it. With a culture video, you get to shape how customers think of you rather than leaving it up to them. Do you want to look professional, show off the best talent in town? Do you want people to associate your brand with compassion and commitment? Sharing your culture isn’t just getting people to like you. It proves you’re worth working with.

Tutorials: Confidence

What: Videos that educate and inform how to use your product or service

Average length: 1–10 minutes

Business problem it solves: Tutorials may seem like post-sale, non-marketing support, but they can also build confidence in potential buyers — especially if you have a complex product. When a prospective customer can preview their experience and gain familiarity with your resources, they’ll be much more comfortable with your offering. While entertaining your audience has its value, being helpful is equally powerful at building brand affinity.

Testimonial: Trust

What: A video of your consumer or client describing their experience with your company

Average length: 2–5 minutes

Business problem it solves: Why do people read Amazon reviews? Individual experiences matter way more than what a company says about itself. Customers or clients want to hear good things from someone independent. Text testimonials are nice, but there’s definite power in seeing and hearing someone talk about their experience.

Internal: Compliance

What: A video describing an initiative, change, or project

Average length: 30–90 seconds

Business problem it solves: We’ve talked about this before, but nobody really reads memos these days. If you’re going through a large internal change and need compliance to be high, video can help immensely. How? People actually watch videos.

Are you facing any of these problems? Heck, are you facing all of these problems? Obviously a commercial won’t solve them, but a video can.