3 Misconceptions About Video You Can't Ignore (And What to Do About It)

Maybe you're interested in buying a video, but don't know where to start. Maybe you already have a video, but it just isn't generating the level of engagement you want. Regardless of where you're at, the last thing you want is going to your boss and telling him you blew a third of your budget on a digital paperweight. After working with hundreds of clients, we've identified some of the most common misconceptions that have prevented them from having a successful piece of content. This article will help you avoid some of these pitfalls.

Misconception 1: Video is an engagement silver bullet.

We truly believe video is a powerful medium. However, there seems to be this idea that putting your message in video form will make everyone listen to it simply because it's a video. But everyone has video now. And with so much other content available, people only need the smallest excuse to ignore your video. Crappy thumbnail? Won’t click. Boring title? Scroll past. Awkward or lame visuals? Close the window. People have seen so much at this point that even fairly decent content might not be good enough.

Our advice? First, go big or go home. The bar is the highest it's ever been, and you need content with great production value to even have a chance with your audience. Second, remember that everything else about the video, such as your title, description, and thumbnail, matters a lot. Put yourself in your audience's perspective and ask "Would I click on this video? And if so, would I keep watching it?" As obvious as that may sound, think of all the video content you ignore on a regular basis. A lot of companies aren't asking these questions.

Misconception 2: If you share it, they will come.

With 100 hours of video uploaded each minute, your video, no matter how engaging, is a small drop in a vast digital ocean. You might craft your keywords perfectly, but you should expect organic traffic to be fairly insignificant.

Sharing it on social media, then, seems like the logical next step. This is never a bad idea, but we've seen a lot of clients grossly overestimate their social reach.  Sharing your video on a Twitter account with 10,000 followers doesn't equate to 10,000 views, it means 10,000 people might see that you shared a link. The general perception seems to be that social media has a multiplying effect on content, but the reality is that it typically has high diminishing returns.

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Here's the bottom line: unless you've got millions of fans and your video is pure viral-bait, if your entire distribution strategy is posting your video on your social pages you're going to have a bad time. You need more... so what next?

Misconception 3: Your own platforms are the best (and only) places to share your content.

The best place someone can find your content is on someone else's website or social page.

As a society, we've been bombarded with marketing copy. It's made us incredibly cynical of advertising. Instead, we want to feel empowered to choose what kind of content we watch, from sources we choose to listen to.

Influencers are anyone that has credibility with an audience. They might be friends or family, bloggers, celebrities or news sources. Regardless of who they are, leveraging influencers to help share your video is an incredibly overlooked yet powerful method of distribution. Think about it: when you see companies post content about themselves, you assume it's just more advertising crap. But if someone you care about posts the exact same content, you're much less likely to ignore it.

Find influencers who are invested in your story and would benefit from sharing your content. Think about who is relevant to your audience and what kind of networking you already have available. You'd be surprised at the kinds of opportunities you can come up with.

In Conclusion...

As great as video can be, it can be a frustrating, confusing medium to work with. Make sure you're going into it with the right perspective.

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