Best of The Web: Why Videos Go Viral

Best of The Web: Why Videos Go Viral

I love this video. We all have some notion of what makes a viral video, but hearing it articulated is fascinating. Still, I initially had trouble figuring out how I could apply this to business. After some thought, I realized it really boils down to one thing: knowing your audience. Here are some tips for applying these teachings to your average corporate video.

Dogs vs Hogs: Should Your Video Be Entertaining or Educating?

Out of all the commercials I’ve seen this year, none of them has managed to provoke a more emotional response. Critics and casual observers seem to agree that this is a memorable, excellent video. It’s emotionally engaging and entertaining. People didn’t just not mind watching this ad. They sought it out. 29 million times.

How Far Can Social Media Get You?

Unfortunately, the wild success of a small handful of videos has created the belief that social media works as a distribution tool. So, for many people, their distribution strategy has become nothing more than “Post it on our Facebook!” Then the video will be viewed and shared organically, right? That’s how social works, isn’t it?