Freelance Voice Actor


We have a network of voice actors internally, locally, nationally and internationally who lend their voices to our videos. Still, we are always looking for new talent to add to our roster! Note that our relationships are usually “work-for-hire” on a project by project basis, this is not a consistent full-time or part-time opportunity. If that works for you and you are interested in being considered for our projects, please upload a recording of our sample script and fill out the form below.

1. Record The script

Download this sample script. You’ll notice that the script is a little bland, a little short, but this is INTENTIONAL. We need you to bring it to life. In as many ways as you can. Oh, and here's how you pronounce Epipheo:

Typically, we ask that you give at least one straightforward, casual read. Just plain old you. Conversational is good. What do YOU sound like? NOTE: When we say conversational, that usually doesn’t mean the cliché “explainer video” voiceover. We want to hear something that sounds very human and engaging.

Then, if you are able, give us any other tones or character voices in your arsenal. We want to hear those. Can you sound emotional? Can you do corporate? Can you talk fast? Energetic? Nerdy? Southern? Accents? Any unique character voices? 

Most people do 1-4 reads for us. If you have an existing reel you think is representative, feel free to send that as well. If we think your voice would be a good fit for us, we will save and categorize the samples/reels we like most for our library. We will only use samples/reels for closed communication with clients and will never host these files publicly. Hear a small sampling of our current library.

Please leave plenty of headroom in your recording. Peaks of -2dB preferred. If you typically process your own voiceovers, please send a processed and an unprocessed raw version. Separate WAV files for separate takes is also preferred. 

2. Upload Your Files/Reel

Make sure your real name is in the filename.

3. Fill Out The Form

Name *
Location *
Where in the world are you?
Recording *
Are you able to record where you are?
Gender *
What voice styles are you comfortable with?
Include any links to previous work, if available.